Cheating Girlfriend

You have been dating her for a long time and everything seemed to be going great and then all of a sudden you became aware of signs of a cheating girlfriend. I feel for you. It's happened to me and I've found that there is certain patterns that always seems to happen to guys. Do any of these apply to your situation with your cheating girlfriend?

Do you give too much away? Relationships are all about the natural balance. If someone gives too much or takes too much they are taking advantage of the other member and it's not real love is it? It's about dating harmony between the two or rapport as it's more commonly called. I read a great book once and it said that relationships between two people can be thought of as a bank. When you give something to someone else, you are adding to the bank account of your relationship. When you take something away you are making a withdrawal. If you are selfish then you will be in a an over-draft in their mind and if you are both selfish you will both feel unsatisfied and look elsewhere for love. But, and this is important. If you both give to each other without limit then you will both have huge emotional dating relationship bank accounts!

If you are taking too much then maybe your cheating girlfriend snapped and decided that it was not working. Your cheating girlfriend might have not wanted to hurt you by telling you and thought that she would just find someone else before she dumped you. It's a horrible thing but that's reality a lot of the time. Your cheating girlfriend probably doesn't want to be alone until she find someone else. You really have to move quickly here.

If your cheating girlfriend is taking too much from the emotional dating relationship bank account then you are probably letting her walk all over you. The irony is guys, that a woman will tell you one thing and mean another. How many times have you seen a man dating a girl (maybe a girl that you knew and fancied and you'd like to be your girlfriend) that said she would never date a guy like that and she goes for fun guys who are sensitive. It's baloney! Just look at a persons actions. Why they do these things is beyond the scope of this article but let's just say that it's of social value for them to do this and you should just learn to see right through it.

Ok, I'm getting off topic here. If your cheating girlfriend walks all over you ... MAN UP! She doesn't want someone who has to ask her whenever he wants to go out for a beer. Start doing what you want to do without asking. You can tell her. There is a huge world of difference. You know intuitively what type of guy can make and keep a girlfriend. Think through all the films where they make these crazy characters like James Bond. You know they are good. Become like them. Do you know what a woman will think if you ask her every time you want to do something and let her tell you what to do? She will think that you are like her child and she is your mother. Not sexy, not cool. She will say that you are changing but you are actually being your more authentic self.

Do you want your cheating girlfriend back?

If you want her back then I can give you lots of tips that you can use to get her back to you. But, do you really want your cheating girlfriend back or is it that you just feel out of place when you are not in a relationship? Lots of couples get back together just because they are expected too and they get bored on their own. This is no reason to get into a relationship! Ask yourself and be brutally honest with the answer, "Is this breakup a sign that we are not meant for each other?". Your emotions will tell you the answer.

If you want your cheating girlfriend back then we have to both agree that some pretty big changes have to happen. Here's some common things that have to be sorted if you have a cheating girlfriend.

How do you know that your cheating girlfriend will not cheat on you with the same guy again? - You have to face the fact that she has cheated on you and it is going to take a huge effort to keep her at your side. You will probably have to make some big personality changes, but it is worth it for this girl isn't it? Is she the One that people dream about meeting?
Talk to her - So many problems could be solved by just walking up to someone and saying what you truly think of them. Take some action and talk to your cheating girlfriend about your problems and why she felt that she had to cheat on you. If you are totally upfront, honest and humble with your cheating girlfriend then this will allow your cheating girlfriend to drop her defences and be the same. This is a great way to get to how she honestly feels. Again though, be on the look out for her saying something like "everything is fine, it is not you, it's me" and looking really pissed off as she says it. This means that she thinks it is you!

Does she know that you know? A massive factor that we have ignored so far is does your cheating girlfriend know that you know that she's cheated on you.

If she does: Then talk to her about it after leaving it for a couple of days to show that you are mad that she has cheated on you. Then she will probably phone you. If she doesn't in this couple of days then phone her and say that you think you need to chat to her, your cheating girlfriend. In these couple of days you should probably relax and try to sort out your emotions because I know it can be the worst thing in the world to think that someone does not love you any more. Think to yourself, could I have pushed her to this out of desperation or is she bang out of order for doing this?

If she doesn't - Just play things normally. This way you really get to see what she is made of. I would say let a week pass and if your cheating girlfriend has said nothing to you and you know she has cheated on you then confront her about it and see how your cheating girlfriend reacts.

Are you sure you are not just paranoid - Lots of men get really protective of their girlfriends and to an extent this is perfectly natural. We are their carers and they want to feel they can be comfortable in our presence. But, very often, your mind can just run a mock with thoughts about is my girlfriend cheating on me? How would I catch cheating girlfriend? Cheating girlfriend signs, I knew she was getting bored in the relationship etc. Be totally honest with yourself here too because lots of relationships have been broken up by jealous boyfriends. Just watch Jerry Springer or any of his modern day imitators shows. Billy Bob thinks his girlfriend has been seeing his best friend and might be their kids dad. DNA test results come in. It was all in his mind and there is no cheating girlfriend. It happens so often just make sure you avoid this trap.

If you definitely want her back, you have realised it is not all in your mind then I suggest you try and get some concrete evidence and basically catch your girlfriend cheating. Try and get evidence that you can prove to her that she is cheating. You can get things like a Phone Reversal Detective which is a piece of software that allows you to track her mobile calls and get the callers details if this dude is calling her behind your back.

The whole package of getting a cheating girlfriend back is a very easy thing to explain but you need a lot more than this one article to have the best chances and have your girlfriends warm body back in your warm arms again. When my last girlfriend cheated on me 2 years back I had had it. I thought I would never date anyone again. I was absolutely distraught.

But when that emotion passed I went online with the raw determination to get my cheating girlfriend back. She was my girlfriend and I was going to prove to her and more importantly, I was going to prove to myself that I could get her back. I tried everything I could find and slowly pieced it together on my own. I didn't buy anything. I was in a forum/chat-room one day learning and someone (a girl actually) recommended me this product called The Magic Of Making Up. I hadn't bought anything online before but it was cheap and I thought I might as well.

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