How to win Girlfriend Back

If you are wondering how to win girlfriend back then I think I can help you out. At one point in my life a couple of years ago, when I was just 18, I had no luck with the girls whatsoever. All of my friends seemed to have girlfriends but I seemed to be left behind with no skills in the area. So what did I do?

I went out and got myself a girlfriend before I learned how to win girlfriend back. She was decent looking too. At the start I thought great! I will treat her really well, I will do all this for her and things will go swimmingly, forgetting of course that she was in the relationship also! What happened over a while was that she got bored with the relationship. I look back and do not blame her at all. It was a boring dating relationship. We just did the standard, expected and boring things that most people do in relationships. There was no spark that made things fun, I now had to learn how to win girlfriend back!

So I lost my girlfriend and it was a tough time for me. I had to learn how to win girlfriend back. I knew the problem did not lie in the relationship, or in her. If I made myself excellent enough I could probably get her back if I tried hard enough. So I went to work on myself. I changed my thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, skills and dared to do what I did not before. So, I bet you are wondering what are some tips for how to win girlfriend back?

Well I did learn how to win girlfriend back. So I am in a position to tell you how to win girlfriend back. As a matter of fact she saw other girls talking about me and trying to get with me so much that she practically begged me to ask her out (she asked me out on a date in the end), it felt great! So here are some of my top tips on how to win girlfriend back.

1. My first tip for how to win girlfriend back is to believe that you can. It all starts with a belief. See yourself when you have learned all of these tips for how to win girlfriend back. See it happening to you right now and see her with you. Then what you have to do is identify the changes that will be in your life and slowly bring them into your life. Keep focused on that final goal and your subconscious will find a way to learn how to win girlfriend back.

2. My second tip for how to win girlfriend back is to understand how women work. Women are creatures of emotion, not logic as the saying goes. As a matter of fact this can be applied to all human relationships including male ones. We make decisions based on the emotional state that we are in. It is all well and good telling a woman that you love her, but does she feel it? It is 100 times more important to make the woman feel the state than it is to just tell her I love you like a robot on a daily basis before you go to work.

3. Learn consistently - My third tip for how to win girlfriend back is simply this. You must be learning about women consistently. If you are in a tough position at the moment then you have a lot of learning to do. I am not one of these type of people who is unnecessarily positive but you really do have a great learning experience ahead of you. Learn something new relating to women, relationships and dating every day and you will be surprised at where you are when you look back a year from now.

4. Groom yourself - You must groom yourself well, this is my fourth tip on how to win girlfriend back. Make sure your hair, shoes, clothes and teeth are tidy. These are the most important 4 when you have to learn how to win a girlfriend back that a woman will notice straight away. Plus, if you do yourself up well in these areas other women will be all over you. This will make you seem more desirable to your ex girlfriend and will also give you a bigger selection of women if things do go wrong.

5. Make a change - Why is it that your ex girlfriend split up with you in the first place and you had to find out how to win girlfriend back? Were you boring? Did you make enough time for her? Did you seem unmotivated in life? Make changes in your personal life before getting back with your ex. This will show her that you are serious about making a go of the relationship this time.

6. Become an Alpha Male - You have to become the alpha male. This is the most important and 6th step of my tips on how to win girlfriend back. What you want to do is become the guy who people look too in tough situations. Who can handle himself in all situations. Who thinks for himself and is totally independent of others. There is no limit on the amount of men who can become an Alpha Male is there? Show me a man who can't become independent. Women love the alpha male and are all over them. Just look at how women rave over movie stars like Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson. Carry yourself like these men and women will hold you in high regard. I guarantee that you are now trying to learn how to win girlfriend back but it will become much easier if you just take this step. It is the most important of all. All famous men from history were men that people looked upto in tough situations. Think about it.