Getting a Girlfriend Tips

It's been a while since I wrote a post giving tips to get a girlfriend. I'm a growing man and have learned much more since I last posted over at this blog to do with girlfriend tips. For example, one of these tips relates to life as much as it relates to just a girlfriend. If you just have the idea in your mind of what you want then that is all that you need. Then, you just always ask yourself the question throughout the day "What is the intuitive action to take towards this goal now?".

Don't set a massive plan on how you're going to get her and woo her. You're too much stuck in your mind when you do that. It's much more natural to respond to the feelings that you get from reality and respond accordingly. This might sound silly getting all Zen Buddhist on a blog simply about tips on how to get a girlfriend but as we mature we can see deeper truths in what was previously just a social game. It really works, the more in tune you are with the feelings that oyu have at the current moment the quicker your goals will manifest. You just have to know WHAT you want, not how to get there. That's not your problem.

This is an uncomfortable truth that many who are looking to get a new girlfriend will deny but you have to let go of the future and just respond as best you can to this moment. It's all a little esoteric at the moment so let us break it down into some more knowledgeable physical examples. Let's say you meet a girl and she comes back to your place. You're decided that you are going to have sex no matter what. Let's say that she comes around and she's had a terrible day and if you were nice to her you are going to have a deeper connection and she will be more likely to become your girlfriend. Instead, you stick to the original plan and just keep being over sexual, not sensitive to her needs and how the situation has changed.

It hits a little close to home doesn't it? All men look back on past relationships with women and see situations in which their intuition told them one thing but their mind the other and they went with their self concieved plan. Intuition is right 100% of the time. Do we ever have intuition say one thing and it not be correct? No. When it comes to getting a girlfriend, the best tip that I can give you is follow your intuition. Mentally be flexible and just ask "What is the correct action in this situation, what's the intuitive response?".

Have you not felt that the best moments of love in your life have come around from not planning? That feeling of serendepity and everything just goes on perfectly. Words come out at the right time. When you don't have a specific plan and remain flexible, the universe will give you all the girlfriend tips and take you straight to her! Just be in touch. This sounds very new age for many people but just excperiment with it if you are a scneitifically minded individual. Respond out of feeling rather than thought towards a girl for the next week and test it for yourself. I have nothing to sell you, it's just what I know to be true.

Sticking to a plan in the face of change is stupid. As Einstein put it, insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results! The same applies to all the girlfriend tips I'm giving you. You have to try these girlfriend tips. You can't just try it once then say it didn't work. That's one time and we put all our relationships of the past biases up against that and it's just unfair. If you're going to experiment socially, allow yourself to have a few times where you try it.

So to recap what I've told you in terms of girlfriend tips so far is this. Don't plan! People always say that they love people who have a plan but the best plan is to have none and just respond in your relationships with girls and women to this present moment. you can't plan what will come, only allow yourself to be flexible enough to change to it.

How many times have you simply KNOWN deep down that if you'd done something different with women or girlfriends that things would have gone well? It's always like this. The more we move away from intuition the harder we find it because we are then battling the world on our own. We have this great power of intuition and if we allow it to take us there it will deliver it to us and us to it.

So now I've concentrated too much on this specific one of my tips about girlfriends. Here's another. Never make women the centre of your life. The irony is that if you think that making a woman your girlfriend will fulfil your life you will never get close to them. girls sense the needy vibe and talk amongst themselves as to who the most attractive is so you might be putting off other girls in the group too. Have you ever noticed that about social groups or perhaps past girlfriends? They always all are attracted to the same person. Attraction is not a choice as the popular dating adage goes.

By making anything the centre of your life you are pushing it away from you. Imagine a guy who wants a girlfriend but it's not his entire life, he has other things going on, a good career, starting a small business on the side making a few tips and an outgoing social life versus the man who sits indoors and has no life outside of pestering the woman for some of her time. It's so obvious when you put it like that isn't it?

So another tip for women? It is perfectly ok to compliment someone that you want to be your girlfriend. I mean this is one of my greatest tips. We all know things about each other that we appreciate. don't be like most guys who throw out compliments like they've got unlimited supply. That's like the guy who tells his girlfriend that he loves her every 2 minutes. It often loses meaning this way and she will start to think it is meaningless.

When you notice something that you enjoy about her that is unique and not just that she's attractive tell her. Don't look for something out of it for yourself.. It shows that you're an aware and observant person and that's very attractive to a woman who you want to be your girlfriend.