Tips To Get A Girlfriend : 3 Tips

If you are looking for some tips to get a girlfriend then I think I can help you out and give you a helping hand. You see for a long time I couldn't get a girlfriend and it frustrated me. I used to watch all my mates gradually over time get better with girls and it felt like I was the only one stuck in a rut who was not advancing forwards. One day it all got too much for me and I stopped altogether and decided that I had to learn some tips to get a girlfriend. I learned everything related to how to get a girlfriend that I could get my hands on and all the latest techniques. This included asking friends, reading online, buying books and audio programmes.

When you have the motivation to learn tips to get a girlfriend that I did you will find that you can do anything. You just need to decide that you really really want it. So what are some tips that I have learned along the way that have helped me the most and that will help you right now.

Before I go into them I have to tell you that these aren't the absolute highest level tips to get a girlfriend that I know they are just the absolute best tips for people who were in my position. If you are relatively good at picking up girls these will not be for you. You can't teach a master the same techniques on tips to get a girlfriend you can teach a beginner can you? Ok? Here we go.

1. Be Confident - Your natural state is a confident one. Stop thinking too much about tips to get a girlfriend and just roll with the punches and take that first step. As they say "You don't have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step". You will find that you hardly ever get rejection and even if you do you will know deep down that it is firstly not as bad as you ever think it is going to be and secondly that at least you are learning from these tips to get a girlfriend. 2 years of thinking about tips to get that girl friend gets you know where. 2 seconds of action does. If you are not confident then try meditation. It helps, seriously. It doesn't have to be a spiritual thing. It just calms and focuses your mind and you can mentally rehearse it going perfectly and because you believe it, it will happen for you.

2. What do you want? - Do you want to just start getting experience with girls or do you want to just get out there, do you want marriage, girlfriend material that's long term, a one night stand? You will never find an answer if you have not asked a question will you? Know what you want with precise detail before you go out there very night or these tips to get a girlfriend will not help you. Otherwise you will just be lost in your thoughts and not know where to start.

Tony Robbins did this on a long train journey through Russia. He wrote out the description of his perfect woman and how she would be in huge detail and his focus was then so narrow he knew exactly what he was looking for. Amazing stuff. He could give any man tips to get a girlfriend.

Another of my tips to get a girlfriend? My god you're getting greedy now. Just kidding ...

3. Hang around with guys - This might sound against what most people say but it's true. The truth is, guys have the best tips to get a girlfriend because they have to mate with females. Women don't know what they want and do not generally have to attract each other. This is partly because they want a man to be in charge and tell them what they want. You need to come in there and know what to do. So start getting a huge group of friends and find the ones who are great with women and girlfriends and learn from them and teach them some tips to get a girlfriend too. Go out with them to pull girls too because you will feel motivated to do it in front of friends and you can learn so much from each other in the process. It's a beautiful thing sharing tips to get girlfriends.

Ask a woman what she wants and she will tell you differently to what she dates. Don't you already know someone like this who wouldn't have a clue if you asked her tips to get a girlfriend? We all do of course because it's a universal habit amongst females. Girls will be getting annoyed now and give you other tips to get a girlfriend. Follow them and see how far you get, it's worked for you so far hasn't it? Girls will say they want a sweet man who is charming and buys them presents daily (ala Hugh Grant). But they will go for the more authoritative James Bond type who treats them as disposable and ignores their calls. Notice what they do, not what they say this is the ultimate best of my tips to get a girlfriend, remember that one above all.

Become the type of guy women love - We all know the guy. The guy you want to be and women love to date. The James Bond style guy who epitomizes my tips to get a girlfriend. Get people in real life or fictional and assume traits of their personality slowly and over time you will find women coming to you just like Bond because he is the epitome of what a woman wants and does not even have to try, he naturally embodies my tips to get a girlfriend. I'm sure that is something you wouldn't mind working towards. Having women come to you. That's a true master.